Google search script

Create your own search engine

Use this powerful script to create your own search engine based on Google. With this script you can instantly get results for Web, Images, Videos, News, Files and Weather. Now you can also make money with Google AdSense results ads.

· 99% positive feedback so far!
· Current version: 2.1b - 9/5/2017

Note: By purchasing this script you help me continue improving it and you get free updates and support.

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Google search script

Google search script instant search
Google web search

Web search

Search the web for anything.

Google images search

Images search

Find hundreds of amazing images.

YouTube videos search

Videos search

Search YouTube for cool videos.

Google news search

News search

Find the latest news for your query.

Responsive UI

Responsive UI

UI for any screen resolution.


Weather results

Local weather or city-based.

Unlimited search requests and more...

Google search script instant search

Script delivered instantly after purchase via paypal primary email address.

We do not issue refunds after the purchase is made, which you are responsible for understanding to buy the script.

Please don't download or redistribute this script for free or for your own profit, I am an independent developer. By giving a small amount to buy this script you help me continue and improve it. You can use this script without any restrictions, it is completely legal as it is based on apis provided by Google for free use. But it is recommended that you don't hide google branding in the search results to prevent any legal issues. Also you can include Algoprog in your credits if you wish, I would really appreciate it, however this is not nesecairy.

If you have already purchased Google search script you can download it again here. If you need help please contact [email protected].