Chris Samarinas

Working on the next big thing · [email protected]

A hunter of novel ideas and passionate about NLP research. Always looking for another open problem to solve.


Machine Learning Engineer (NLP)

Plural AI

Developed a novel state-of-the-art concepts extraction model to extract products, industries, brands and business activities from corporate websites. Experimented with all the modern approaches, pre-trained language models (BERT, ELMo, USE), word2vec, Transformers for sequence labeling, independently recurrent neural networks, self-attention.

Owned the whole concepts extraction pipeline, from the tagging tool development and crawling, to the productionization and deployment. Extracted concepts from more than 200K websites, and more than 20M text blocks. Improved the span based website level F1 score of the initial unsupervised heuristic approach by more than 20%.

Developed a novel scalable semantic search service of companies using an autoencoder for dimensionality reduction and a fast approximate nearest neighbors index.

October 2018 - Present

Machine Learning Engineer (NLP)

Donaco LTD

Worked on the advertising platform and modeled real-time user behavior using machine learning for better ad serving.

Designed a content-based recommendation system for recommending relevant charity campaigns to the content of news articles.

June 2018 - September 2018

Software Consultant

Responsible for the redevelopment of HotBot metasearch engine.

June 2018 - November 2018



Working in a team to develop a personalized news recommender and summarization app. We utilize NLP techniques and machine learning for deep recommendations and popularity prediction.

September 2017 - Present

Independent Web Developer

Worked as a freelance software engineer on metasearch engines for various companies and on many other small personal projects like social networks, news aggregators and computer vision software.

Fun fact: A small piece of custom search engine software that I developed and sold for $15 online, was also used by a company in Turkey (Geliyoo) that got €2.500.000 funding from the government. It became a quite popular story in Turkey for a while!

July 2013 - September 2017


Imperial College London

MSc in Advanced Computing
Thesis: Personalized news recommendation and popularity prediction using neural networks
October 2017 - September 2019

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Information Systems

Thesis: WAMBy: Web-based open domain QA system using information retrieval techniques and machine learning (pdf in Greek)

GPA: 9.67/10.00

September 2013 - June 2017


Programming Languages & Tools


Other skills

C, C++, LaTeX, Matlab, Game Maker Studio, Video Editing


Useless skills

Skiing, Table Tennis, FPV Drone Racing, Piano


As a computer science researcher I am interested in machine learning and mainly in applications in natural language processing and understanding. I am also interested in information retrieval and recommender systems.

As a software engineer I hate working on already existing projects without making an impact. I like working on novel ideas from scratch that can change the world and improve our daily life.

As a human I like travelling, tasting food and meeting smart people with great ideas.

Awards & Certifications

  • 1st place in Bioengineering Hackathon 2018
  • Hackathon Thessaloniki, Honor 2014
  • Great Moment for Education Scholarship 2013
  • 1st place in the 1st Greek Students' Website Design Competition 2010
  • 1st prize in National Mathematics Competition 2009
  • IELTS Academic 2016
  • Certificate for Proficiency in English 2010



A startup idea I'm currently working on with a team to revolutionize our daily news reading experience using NLP techniques and machine learning for deep recommendations and popularity prediction.


Web-based open domain QA system using information retrieval techniques and machine learning.



A platform that connects elderly with their relatives and paid carers when they fall down, get lost or need help using Wear OS smartwatches. Won the first place in the 1st Bioengineering Hackathon in Greece.


The world's first open source torrent search engine.


Maze generator, editor & solver in Java.


Developed in Hackathon Thessaloniki, an online responsive web application for instant issues reporting in the city.


Metasearch engine

Developed a metasearch engine that combines results from Google and Bing (personal contract).



A chatbot I developed for the The Chatterbox Challenge 2014.


Use this powerful script to create your own search engine based on Google.